July is Family Reunion Month

Family reunion month is approaching and with it brings warm weather and lots to plan.  The biggest challenge most face when planning a family reunion is organizing where the event will take place.  With family members gathering together from all over the country or world, this can be quite a challenge.

There are a number of different factors to consider when planning the reunion.  Below are some helpful tips and ideas on how to plan the best family reunion you and your family have ever seen.

1.    Determine who is invited

Determining who is invited to the reunion is a major decision.  Ask yourself if you want to keep it simple with close family members who live within the same city or include extended family members who live far away.  If inviting family from out of the area it is important to allow enough time so that everyone can carefully plan time off, coordinate work schedules and make flight or travel arrangements.

2.    Length of the reunion

Once the invite list has been determined it is time to move into the actual reunion planning stage.  The length of the reunion should be decided.  Some family reunions consist of one day, a weekend or a weeklong event.  Determining what kind of event it will be can make the planning a bit more efficient.  Itineraries for longer reunions may be necessary when planning a weeklong event.  You don’t want guests to get bored during their visit.

3.    Build the team

Putting together a solid team of helpers is crucial in planning a successful family reunion.  There should be just one person in charge of the entire event, but several helpers to keep things moving smoothly.  Setting up a committee of family members to assist with activity planning, food arrangements, and accommodations will help relieve the burden of the entire event on one person’s shoulders.  Choose a team of responsible family members who you are confident will get the job done.

4.    Choosing the date and location

Choosing the date and location of the event can be one of the most difficult challenges in planning a family reunion.  Dealing with all ages of family members, from young to old, can be difficult because you want everyone to enjoy the event.  A rock climbing expedition may not fly with grandma and grandpa or the toddler-aged nephews and nieces.  Once the location is determined the date should be set.

5.    Set the budget

After creating the initial list of invites, you can better determine what the expected cost will be for each person to attend.  The actual figure may not be definitive but you can determine a ballpark number for guests to plan accordingly with.  Setting a budget is needed for the guests to plan.  Don’t be surprised if some guests are not able to attend due to finances but with a budget in mind you may be able to scale down in areas so that everyone can attend.

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