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In the depths of addiction, it can be difficult to see the way out. We are here to light the way.

No matter how challenging the situation is, we listen, support, and devise a plan to assist individuals and their families who are struggling with addiction. Our professionals use their decades of experience to design an individualized recovery plan customized to each client. We coordinate the intervention, rehabilitation, and continuing care for long-term recovery.

Feinberg Addiction Services Programs

Responding to the needs of clients and their families, we offer the following options for supportive services that provide effective outcomes for long-term recovery and create a new trajectory for families; one of peace, health, and happiness.

Intervention and Recovery Planning

This is the first step towards recovery. Through the comprehensive recovery planning process, families become empowered. We work together as a team to learn everything we can about our client’s and their family, and develop a recovery plan that includes treatment options and the continuing care program. View additional information on our Recovery Planning services below.

Continuing Care

We support families and individuals on an ongoing basis during and after completing treatment. Success in early recovery is supported through case management, recovery coaching, career counseling, and our family program. View additional information on our Continuing Care services below.

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Our Addiction Recovery Services


Assessments are key to identifying underlying issues. One of our case managers will complete a thorough assessment of substance abuse and mental health history, legal issues, life skills, finances, physical health, and issues related to family dynamics and relationships. A proper assessment is the cornerstone of an appropriate treatment plan.


Interventions are performed by an experienced and skilled interventionist who creates a loving and safe space for the intervention to take place. In some cases, an intervention is a process and not an event. We work with clients and their family in a loving way to accept help.

Treatment Center Recommendations

Building on our relationships with the highest quality addiction treatment options and facilities, we tailor treatment recommendations for clients. Our recovery team will meet to evaluate the assessment and develop appropriate treatment placement recommendations. The importance of a proper referral and treatment plan increases the odds for positive outcomes in long-term recovery.

Case Management

Our dedicated case managers will coordinate admission to initial treatment, make necessary travel arrangements, and ensure a seamless admission process. From there our case managers plan, coordinate, educate, and monitor addiction treatment and recovery to ensure the necessary supportive services are in place for our clients and their families to succeed. Our case managers advocate for clients’ emotional, legal, and medical needs.

Pre-Treatment Coaching

Our recovery team will provide coaching throughout the duration of our recovery planning services. This includes family coaching in preparation for intervention (if required) and to support the family’s involvement in the recovery process.

Recovery Coaching

Upon discharge from treatment, our recovery coaches provide weekly sessions with clients and provide support and accountability to help develop vital life skills. These skills include 12 Step Recovery, and exploration of other recovery resources, social skills, vocational and educational goals, self-care, budgeting, and time management.

Family Coaching

Recovery coaches provide weekly sessions with families to work with them on overcoming addiction and guide them through the recovery process. We coach and educate families on the best, and most effective, ways to support their loved one through recovery. Recovery success is greatly improved when families are engaged.

Career Counseling

Our Career Counselor works with clients to assess their interests, aptitude, motivation, and skills and identify a career path that is both purposeful and fulfilling.

Sober Transport

Sober transport is provided to safely accompany clients to their intended destination. Anything from traveling to and/or from treatment, to providing local transportation needs is part of this scope of services.

Sober Companion

A sober companion is an experienced individual, going through their own recovery, that will be with clients up to 24 hours per day as requested.

Legal Assessment and Monitoring Services

When addiction becomes a key factor throughout court proceedings, the court system will often direct lawyers to seek an outside perspective on a client’s addiction. Feinberg Addiction Services can offer three kinds of services to the courts: Basic Assessments, Comprehensive Assessments, and Monitoring. The purpose of these services is to provide a detailed examination of someone’s background with addiction, and the assessments, in particular, give a thorough overview to judges, lawyers, and/or employers so they can evaluate what the best next steps are. In all cases, the courts make the final decision on what services we would provide to the potential client.

How We Support You

    • Deliver ethical, quality, and consistent services that are tailored to meet each client’s needs.
    • Provide a knowledgeable and compassionate team that understands the complexities of addiction.
    • Offer a long-term commitment to each and every client.
    • Dedicated to healing the entire family, all of whom are affected by the addiction.
    • Utilize an extensive knowledge base that is filled with experienced and trusted treatment facilities, resources, and addiction professionals.