Geriatric Care Management


Bridgeway, Merging Home Care with Clinical Knowledge

Bridgeway provides both Care Management & Home Care services. We know that everyone’s needs are different, which is why we have the most customizable, individualized, and valuable care plans in the industry.

Care Management is a Proven Process

Bridgeway provides the highest quality of private duty care, assisting our clients in achieving lives full of dignity, quality, and respect, resulting in optimum independence.

Concierge Home Care is a higher level of service, overseen by a Care Manager with a focus on results and accountability. Our professional Care Manager will provide a comprehensive assessment reviewing medical, social, and safety needs to discuss options and recommendations. Your individualized care plan is developed to meet your goals.

You deserve to have the Bridgeway Team, whose knowledge, experience, and professionalism can implement your care plan and deliver the highest quality results.

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The Bridgeway Difference

All of us feel a sense of responsibility to care for our aging or ill loved ones, but what is crucial is recognizing that “caring” for a loved one doesn’t mean you provide the actual hands-on care.

You need a professional.

Caregiving is a full time, counter-intuitive job with the potential for burnout. When a family member provides hands-on care they begin to lose sight of your greatest contribution.

The truth is, if you allow for the caregiving role to be filled by a professional, you can focus on what really matters: being a spouse, daughter, son, grandchild, or friend.

This is your greatest gift and something that no one else can offer to your loved one.

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Care Management

Care Managers meet with families to provide a comprehensive assessment that reviews medical, social, legal, and safety needs. They recommend the proper services, caregivers, or facilities needed for care and can coordinate, manage, and oversee all aspects of the agreed upon plan.



The bond between family, client, and caregiver is essential to our company’s values. We seek to create a meaningful connection where both lives are enriched by the interaction. We listen, share stories, and form strong bonds.

Hygiene and Bathing


Our staff is trained to assist clients with their hygiene needs. Our professional caregivers can assist with activities including bathing, tooth-brushing, hair-combing, and shaving. They make the process as dignified and comfortable for our clients as possible.

Light Housekeeping

We keep our clients’ homes clean and comfortable. Clutter and dirt are not a welcoming environment and we want to give our clients a sense of peace and relaxation. We’ll tidy up and make it feel like home again.

Meal Preparation


Professional caregivers can help shop and prepare meals based on doctor/nutritionist recommendations and client preferences. They can also assist during mealtime. This may include: cutting food, feeding, drinking, and assisting with cleanup.

Medication and Supplies Pick Up


We know how stressful it can be when you are picking up medications and medical supplies. Our caregivers take the stress out of the process and can pick-up whatever you need from the store.

Medication Oversight


Medication oversight by our Nurse Care Manager ensures that clients receive medication as prescribed, and do not mix medications that might have dangerous interactions. Caregivers oversee medication intake to ensure the client does not miss dosages.

Personal Shopping


Professional caregivers can support our clients by assisting with household purchases and errands. When it’s dark, snowy, or our client’s simply need to stock up, we’re happy to assist.

Social Activities


Professional caregivers can help facilitate and arrange social events best suited to our clients’ interests and abilities. These may include: theaters, restaurants, museums, places of worship, or other events.



We understand that many clients are recovering from surgeries or have pain or vision issues while they are driving. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery. We’re more than willing to deal with the traffic and get you to your destination safely.


Comprehensive Care Plans

Others say they conduct “assessments,” we create comprehensive, professional care plans. The care plan is an extensively researched, but easily approachable document, which details everything relevant to our clients’ health. It is constantly updated and amended by a professional Nurse or Social Worker based on our client’s current status.

Encompassed in the report are things such as: medical/surgical history, medication, psychosocial analysis, contact information for all providers, environmental observations, recommendations, and many other important factors. You will have one simple document to refer to at all times.

Our care plans CAN NOT be compared to other home care assessments. Our research and investigation generates a thorough and meaningful plan that can assist all providers. Your care team will have everything at their fingertips!


Care Management

A professional Nurse or Social Worker will team with your family, becoming your advocate. Once the care plan has been developed, you will work together to determine how the plan should be put into place.

Care Managers have years of experience, coordinating resources and providing recommendations. They are able to tap into a broad provider network that has been vetted and screened by our company. Each Care Manager can draw on the collective experience of our entire staff, meaning you have decades of insight and problem solving skills at your disposal. When situations arise, you will have one phone call to make.

And if the Care Plan suggests that additional help in the home may be needed, the Care Manager will interview and pair a compatible caregiver to your loved one.


Professional Caregiving

We know that our services are only as good as the people who provide them, which is why we hire, screen, and look for individuals who have a passion for their work. All of our caregivers and their bios are readily available below. See for yourself why we believe we have the best staff in Michigan.

Our caregiving services are also fully customizable to your needs, with multiple different levels of service. The Care Manager will help determine which type of service will make the most sense.

Caregiving Options:

  • Companion
  • Home Health Aide

Additional Services Offered:

  • House Manager

We tailor our approach and give clients exactly the type of support and services they are looking for.