August is Mushroom and Onion Month

Harvest for mushrooms and onions typically occur during the month of August, so what better way to acknowledge these healthy vegetables than to dedicate an entire month to them. August is recognized as the National Mushroom and Onion month.

Both mushrooms and onions have miracle type properties that provide amazing health benefits. They are both significant in fighting and preventing disease and other ailments. Below are the most common health benefits of both vegetables.
Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Prevent breast cancer and prostate cancer
Mushrooms contain Beta-Glucans, which are thought of to be highly effective in the prevention of breast and prostate cancers. Mushrooms have suppressing properties for the release of estrogen. Estrogen affects the onset of breast cancer so it is important to consume mushrooms on a regular basis to control the amount released.

Lower cholesterol
Believe it or not, but mushrooms contain protein and it is this protein helps to burn fat and cholesterol in the system. Mushrooms contain levels of fiber and enzymes that break down cholesterol, thus lowering the body’s cholesterol level.

Boost immunity
Mushrooms contain natural immunities that are similar to what is found in penicillin. This anti-biotic property helps to fight disease and sickness while boosting the body’s immune system.

Weight loss
Mushrooms contain lean protein, low carbohydrates and almost no fat. This healthy vegetable is perfect for losing weight when eaten on a regular basis and in combination with other healthy food choices.
Health Benefits of Onions

Improve oral health
When you think of onions, great oral health may not come to mind. After all, onions can leave your breath smelling anything but fresh. However, research shows that chewing raw onions for two minutes a day, two to three times per week can kill germs that cause bacteria and tooth decay. Onions can also prevent oral infections from taking place due to their healing properties.

Boost sexual drive
Sexual desire is said to improve and increase with the regular consumption of onions. A common aphrodisiac includes the mixture of two tablespoons of onion juice with a teaspoon of ginger taken two to three times daily. Libido and sex drive can be increased due to the intake of onions on a regular basis.

Stomach ache relief
Suffering from a stomach ache? Onions are known to have anti-inflammatory properties that provide relief for many symptoms associated with a stomach ache. Onions are thought to have anti-bacterial properties that assist in fighting infection and eliminating waste before causing pain and discomfort in the stomach.

Cancer prevention
The compounds that make up onions are recognized as cancer-preventing. These compounds work to inhibit the development and spread of various cancer cells. While not a cure for cancer, onions are excellent to add to the diet for prevention.

Heart ailment assistance
Onions work to thin the blood which can prevent clumps from forming in red blood cells. When a person suffers from blockages in the red blood cells cardiovascular diseases and heart complications can occur.


  1. Ayaro Angela says:

    I have been very ignorant about all the benefits of onions and mushrooms, and having read all this information, I believe my health is going to greatly improve. my action plan is to consume alot of this.

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