August 12th Middle Children’s Day

Popular Names for Middle Children around the World. 

Names are considered the first task in the speech system. It is how people are differentiated from one another and from all other elements. Each society has a system for naming children, though some of those systems include common elements.

The name assigned to children consists of sounds or a series of sounds which are part of the language of the parents. The name serves to immediately identify the child as a part of a particular society. Names identify people as individuals while simultaneously identifying us as group members.

Throughout Africa, the process of naming a child is considered an occasion worth celebrating. The child is named one or two weeks after it has been born. Generally girls are named one day before boys. An elder in the community is responsible for bestowing the name to the child by first whispering it to the baby so that they know the name prior to anyone else knowing it, after which it is announced to those who attended the ceremony.

For Native Americas, there are naming systems which should include the name of the clan alongside the name of the individual. If the new child is a member of a clan with bears on the totem, then they are given names related to bears such as Brown-Bear Tracks. There are some Native American groups which give children a secret name which cannot be revealed until the each an important stage in their life. Others consider an important event which took place at the time the child was born the name. Many Native Americans living on a reservation have names they use on the reservation and names they use when they leave the reservation.

In China the children are given names created out of words from the Chinese language which already have immediate meaning. Names are considered a reflection of the person’s character and as such, selecting a name is a very important process. The parents create original names for the children one month after their birth. Girls are given names which signify things such as beauty while boys are given names which signify things such as strength or good health. In rural areas of China, names include a word or a syllable which is given to all children born in that generation.

Jewish names are generally the oldest names used today. Jewish boys are officially names once they have been circumcised, a process which takes place eight days after they are born. Girls are named as soon as they are born. Jewish children are typically not named after someone who is living because it is thought that the Angel of Death might mistake them as the older person.

Hispanic American children are often named after saints. Boys are given names such as Salvador, Angel, or Jesus while girls are given names which honor the many devotional titles for the Virgin Mary.

In Australia, popular names for girls include Sophie, Emily, Hannah, Olivia, Emma, Jessica, Grace, Sarah, Ella, and Georgia. Popular names for boys include Nicholas, Jack, Benjamin, Lachlan, Daniel, Thomas, Matthew, Joshua, William, and James. In Canada, popular names for girls include Coralie, Lea, Camille, Rosalie, Audrey, Noemie, Sarag, Laurence, Megane, and Jade. Popular names for boys include Oliver, Samuel, Antoine, Alexis, Jeremy, William, Thomas, Felix, and Gabriel. In England popular names for girls include Charlotte, Chloe, Katie, Olivia, and Lucy. Popular names for boys include Jack, Daniel, Samuel, Oliver, and William Benjamin.

In France, boys are generally named Lucas, Theo, Enzo, Maxime, Matteo, Thomas, Mathis, Clement, and Leo. Girls are often names Marie, Chloe, Emma, Clara, Oceane, Ines, and Manon. In Germany boys are commonly names David, Lukas, Paul, Leon, and Alexander while girls are named Katharina, Johanna, Maria, Anna, and Marie. In Ireland popular names for girls include Leah, Emma, Aoife, Rachel, Ciara, and Sarah while popular names for boys include Sean, Connor, Jacks, James, Adam, Michael, and David. In Israel, popular names for girls include Adi, Neta, Shira, Hallel, Maayan, and Chen. For boys, popular names include Fishel, Nachman, Natan, Ido, Gai, Zalman, and Yisrael.

In Italy, popular names for girls include Francesca, Martina, Elena, Chiara, Guilia, Alice, and Sara. Popular names for boys include Lorenzo, Luca, Riccardo, Mattwo, Filippo, Francesco, and Alessandro. If you go to Japan, popular names for boys include Kaito, Takumi, Yuuta, and Yuuki. Popular names for girls are Ayaka, Sakura, Rin, and Hina. Lastly, in Russia, popular names for girls include Galina, Mariya, Irina, Olga, and Svetlana, and Tatyana. For boys the most popular names are Aleskey, Ivan, Mikhail, Sergey, Vladimir, and Yuri.

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