Who is Feinberg Consulting?

Brought together by the collective dream of helping others, our company is comprised of many amazing individuals. As a team, we work in collaboration with the best resources available to give families a way to care for their injured or ill loved ones. It is our privilege to be a part of the recovery of our clients.

No matter the situation or how challenging it seems, we know what you’re facing and we know how to help.



Meet the Team

What would the results be if we put a group of exceptionally caring and talented people in a room and told them they would have the opportunity to help thousands of people?

Each day we know is a blessing, because we’ve realized we are part of something bigger than ourselves. This company is about helping people. When we arrive at our office each day, we know that we will possibly meet someone on the worst day of their life. Our goal is to change that. Our goal is to have them see that they are not alone. So many of us have been through these situations ourselves and we understand how difficult and scary it can feel. But we know there is hope. All it takes is the courage to reach out and an amazing team by your side!

Addiction Recovery Professionals

Our Addiction Recovery Professionals have come together from all over the country to create an unmatched system of support. We believe that a life with purpose is one that can be successful in recovery. We want to help.


Catastrophic Care Managers

A group of professionals dedicated to improving the lives of others through advocacy and care coordination. We are nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, sober coaches, brain injury specialists, educational consultants, wellness coaches, rehabilitation specialists, interventionists, and business professionals.

Our employees are driven by a single purpose – to help those in need and make the world a little bit better place. Our Care Managers come with a wide variety of backgrounds, which gives our company a tremendous amount of collective experience. Care Managers undergo a nine month orientation with our Director of Care Management Education and Training. Though many of our Care Managers have prior experience, we want all of our Care Managers to hold themselves to the highest standards and expectations of our company.


Staff & Client Services Managers

The sole purpose of our Staff & Client Services Team is to create an extraordinary experience for everyone we work with.

Our client services managers have various backgrounds that allow us to see all different angles of a situation: from insurance adjusters to Certified Brain Injury Specialists. And because of this extra layer of support, families and professionals will always have a real person on call, with insight and answers. They are passionate, caring individuals who speak to families, care managers, and other professionals, giving key information and supporting the coordination of the care team.


From left to right: Janice Elsey, Jessica Townsend, Ann Zubeck, Rachel Allen, Rebecca Clarke, Melissa Letwinski

Pam Feinberg-Rivkin

Pam Feinberg-Rivkin – Founder and CEO


Pam Feinberg-Rivkin RN, BSN, CCM, CRRN, ABDA, Interventionist
Founder and CEO

In 1996, Pam’s dream to create a company that provides families and individuals hope and healing came to fruition. Pam has a passion for helping others and has dedicated her life to assisting those with Catastrophic Injury, Addiction, and Substance Abuse issues.
A Registered Nurse since 1977, Pam’s professional experience includes aging health concerns, addiction in people of all ages, traumatic and other acquired brain injuries, and mental health issues. She is trained in Intervention and works with compassion and understanding to help families in crisis. Pam’s professional experience, coupled with her personal journey as a mother of a recovering addict provides a unique and powerful combination. Pam is 100% committed to connecting with families and loved ones and providing personalized care. She has a heart for those in need and advocates for her clients with integrity and respect.

Steve Feldman

Steve Feldman – Chief Operating Officer

Steve Feldman
Chief Operating Officer

Steve has over 30 years of business experience in a wide range of industries. He brings a powerful combination of business and personal knowledge. His own personal experience with recovery from addiction began in 1992. Steve is responsible for leading the company’s business development initiatives and the Feinberg team in all aspects of the operation. Steve is best described as someone who has a deep passion for people and assisting them in connecting to their purpose and meaning in life. “I am proud to be part of Feinberg Consulting because of the great group of people involved and the incredible opportunity to make my passion my career. I love what I do and am grateful for every part of my journey that has led me here!”
Cheryl Pehkonen

Cheryl Pehkonen – VP Bridgeway

Cheryl.Pehkonen.WebCheryl Pehkonen, CBIS
Vice President of Bridgeway
Cheryl has worked in health care for over 35 years and has been part of the leadership team of Feinberg Consulting, supporting clients, since 1996. Her passion for helping others has led her to obtain certifications as a Certified Brain Injury Specialist, Care Transitions Coach™ and she is also a member of the Brain Injury Association of Michigan. She enjoys spending time with her family, attending school, reading, organic gardening, and SOCCER! Over the past 18 years she had volunteered 2000+ hours for her community soccer club and has served as a mentor and role model for other coaches, parents and players. “Being in a position to assist others is very important to me. Feinberg Consulting continues to set the bar for quality health advocacy, and care coordination. Our continued growth is a direct result of the efforts of our amazing, experienced team members.”
Jessalyn Seramur

Jessalyn Seramur – VP Operations

Jessalyn.Seramur.WebJessalyn Seramur, PHR
Vice President of Operations
Jessalyn graduated with a B.A. in Communication and Advertising from Michigan State University in 2008. Since graduation, Jessalyn has worked for Best Buy and The Hershey Company where she held several unique positions. The majority of her career has been in sales management where she was responsible for hiring, training, sales strategies, and ultimately growing the business. Through working in many different positions Jessalyn found her passion for human resources, and marketing, and she diligently searched to find the perfect company and position to elevate her career. “My goal was to find a company dedicated to helping people, and where I could utilize my previous experience to the fullest potential.” In her free time Jessalyn loves going to the gym, running, cycling, camping, and playing games with her friends and family.
Nicole Feinberg

Nicole Feinberg – Director of Operations

Nicole.Feinberg.WebNicole Feinberg
Director of Operations

Nicole has watched Feinberg Consulting grow since its inception over 18 years ago. For over four years, she handled a wide range of responsibilities within the firm, ranging from an administrative assistant to a case coordinator. She then moved to Los Angeles California where she took on various positions for high-end restaurants in the area. Upon returning to Michigan, Nicole has rejoined the team and brings with her a passion for growing the family business and learning more about the industry. “I feel proud and honored to have been able to witness the growth of this company since its beginning. My new position is a wonderful opportunity to both help those in need and to work with a team of exceptional individuals. I’m excited to have found a career where I can grow professionally and be proud of my work.” In her free time Nicole enjoys cooking, baking, exploring the outdoors, attending concerts traveling and bike riding. She is a huge animal lover and has a cat name Lucy (who according to her is very spoiled).
John Cotcher

John Cotcher – Director of Marketing and PR

John.Cotcher.WebJohn Cotcher
Director of Marketing and Public Relations

John graduated from Oakland University with a B.S. in General Management and minors in Marketing, Management Information Systems, Production Operations Management, and a concentration in Finance. He is formerly a licensed Property and Casualty Producer and is trained in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt methodology . He found his passion for marketing after working in his family’s insurance agency as their Marketing Representative and IT Consultant. Through an illness in John’s family, he learned of Feinberg Consulting and the unique services. “I discovered how valuable Feinberg Consulting was to people who were not as fortunate as myself – those who didn’t have the tremendous support system which was available to me.” John plays competitive sand and indoor volleyball and has won several tournaments. He enjoys golfing, reading, writing, skiing, weight-lifting, gardening, boating, traveling, physics, running, baseball, triathlons, and is always looking for something new to challenge himself with. “Feinberg Consulting is the perfect fit for me. When I saw the passion of the people working here I knew that my marketing strategy would be simple; all I needed to do was show people the value, expertise, and genuine empathy that I recognized in this company. I’m proud to be a member of this team.”
Jenny Klonowski

Jenny Klonowski – Creative Director

Jenny.Klonowski.WebJenny Klonowski
Creative Director

Jenny received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Art and Design, with a concentration in Graphic Design, from the University of Michigan in 2011. Upon graduating, she moved to Tucson, AZ to live with her husband – stationed there as an active duty member of the United States Air Force. During her time in Tucson, Jenny worked as a Graphic Designer for the 355th Force Support Squadron Marketing Department at Davis-Monthan AFB. She also worked numerous freelance design and volunteer roles in Tucson, and enjoyed being involved in the military community.Since moving back to Michigan with her husband, Jenny decided to join the team at Feinberg Consulting. She said, “Feinberg Consulting puts its clients and employees first, and it is so rewarding to find a company that is passionate about helping individuals and families in need. I am excited to share my design knowledge and expertise and help display the qualities that I see in this team.” In her free time, Jenny spends time with her husband, family, friends, and her 3 “fur babies”. Her hobbies are photography, movies, reading, kayaking, archery, and binge watching shows on Netflix.
















Our team has become a close-knit group of dedicated and caring professionals, with a culture beyond the standard office environment… more than a company we are a working family. Feinberg Consulting continually engages in leadership training and transformations. We believe everyone is a leader with integrity, patience, honor, respect and compassion. We empower our people to do their absolute best work and encourage everyone to contribute to the improvement, and success, of any process they are involved with.

In addition to building leaders, we seek to improve our customer relationship skills by conducting in-office trainings that simulate real-world situations. We want anyone who calls into our company to see that we will truly take the time to understand the difficulties they may be dealing with and find out what their needs are. Person to person, we seek to make connections that change lives.


To set the uncompromising standard of quality, service, innovation and integrity in client advocacy and professional care coordination.


Our Mission is to provide advocacy for each individuals needs with utmost integrity, quality and service while delivering a professional, personalized plan of care that will improve lives.



First and foremost, we are a company who is passionate about improving our community. Members of our team consistently donate to local charities, volunteer throughout the state, and give back in small ways every day.
As a company, we make donations to various quality organizations, such as the Michigan Brain Injury Association and the Alternatives for Girls Program.

Pam Feinberg-Rivkin, our Founder and CEO, consistently seeks out new charities and causes. She contributes her time, money and resources whenever possible.




Feinberg Consulting, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Pam Feinberg-Rivkin, RN, BSN, CCM, CRRN, ABDA, Interventionist, after her work as a nurse in hospital, home care and rehabilitation settings. She coordinated care for individuals who had sustained catastrophic illnesses and injuries and soon realized it was her passion. By individualizing each client’s plan of care, including closely collaborating with other health care providers to incorporate their unique areas of expertise, she was able to make a profound difference in the lives of families in need – “there is so much a committed care manager can do to provide assistance, direction and support for a client’s wide range of healthcare needs.”
As the need for other services became evident, Pam began hiring and mentoring a compassionate, highly skilled team of registered and certified rehabilitation nurses and other health care and rehabilitation professionals to also become advocates for the individuals referred to Feinberg Consulting, Inc.

In addition to Catastrophic Care Management, Feinberg Consulting, Inc. has since expanded to provide other essential services, such as: Addiction Recovery Services, Recovery Coaching, Educational Consulting, Vocational Consulting, Life Care Plans & Medicare Set-Asides, and developed a new division, “Bridgeway,” which offers Care Management and Home Care to those who were not injured in an auto accident.

The growth that we have achieved is a testament to the effectiveness of our care management services and the trust our clients have placed in us. We have partnered with close to 2,000 families to significantly reduce the strain, anxiety and uncertainties of caring for their loved ones. Every member of our skilled team strives to maintain an objective perspective in the coordination of care. We adhere to the highest level of care management guidelines and are passionate advocates for our clients in their care and recovery. Feinberg Consulting’s culture of excellence embraces and supports our team in receiving increased knowledge and experience through additional education and certifications. For us, the professional fulfillment and personal rewards we receive are beyond measure.

We are proud to serve the needs of families globally as a trusted health advocate, a confidante families know they can count on, a liaison that coordinates care, and an unwavering activist for our clients.

From the smallest detail to the largest challenge your family is facing, Feinberg Consulting, Inc. is here for you.



Memberships and Affiliations

The Coalition Protecting Auto No Fault Case Management Society of America Brain Injury Association of Michigan Alzheimer's Association Jewish Family Service NAPGCM Gerontological Society of America Florida Geriatric Care Managers Association Brain Injury Association of Florida,-Inc. Texas Brain Injury Alliance Brain Injury Association of California Brain Injury Association of America