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Our Team’s Expertise and Advocacy has Helped Thousands

Whether you are a Family Member, Professional, or someone who needs help, our team will help you achieve the best possible outcomes!


Catastrophic Care Management helps coordinate care, advocate for your needs, and obtain proper financial compensation. We’re the coach of your care team, looking out for your best interest and letting you focus on recovery.
Addiction Recovery Services empower families and individuals to overcome the disease of addiction. Our approach focuses on long-term successful recoveries, which empowers and creates new life purpose. 





When a loved one needs care it can feel like the toughest full time job you’ve ever had, but it doesn’t have to be!






Catastrophic Care Management (Michigan Auto No-Fault)

Michigan No-Fault Auto Insurance gives you the right to select a Catastrophic Care Manager. When your loved one is injured, it’s important to have an advocate on your side, one who can act on your behalf and ensure that you receive the benefits you’re entitled to during recovery. A Catastrophic Care Manager is able to work with all of the professionals on your care team and help expedite the process. Even if you’re a professional such as an Insurance Adjuster or Attorney, a Catastrophic Care Manager will help control costs by eliminating duplication of services, assisting with compliance, and helping clients quickly achieve their maximum level of recovery.

Our Care Managers have been specialists in Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, No-Fault, and other complex injuries for over 18+ years.


Addiction Recovery & Care Management

The disease of addiction affects entire families. It can be difficult to even ask for support, but that’s exactly what’s needed. Just as you wouldn’t try to fight a serious illness without a doctor, you shouldn’t try to battle this complicated and devastating problem on your own. Our services include: Intervention, Transportation, Family Recovery, Recovery Coaching, Career Counseling, Care Management, and Testing & Monitoring. These tools enable families to fight back against addiction. Today is the day to take action!

The team draws upon diverse an unique backgrounds and training to provide an un-matched support system from intervention to the rest of life.


Educational Consulting

Education is one of the most important journeys in someone’s life, and it’s not easy. When a child requires additional assistance in school it is important to enlist the help of a professional who knows the laws and knows how to cut through the red tape. With an Educational Consultant at your side, you’ll have someone assisting both you and  your child, to make school fun and fulfilling again. Our Educational Consultants work directly with schools and administrators to form a solid team, built to see your child succeed.

Feinberg Consultants have backgrounds in Transitional Education, Special Needs, and years of experience in both school and rehabilitation settings.